What is a WiFi Extender and How it Works?

WiFi is the most convenient method to connect to the internet. Not only it is easy to set up, but it is also very convenient to use the WiFi from any place as long as the signals reach there. The biggest problem that anyone faces with WiFi connections is that the signals are not strong enough in certain places or places that are not in the range of the router and hence poor internet speeds.

This is an annoying problem because you cannot access the internet even though everything is working fine, the connection, the bandwidth, the speed, but the signals are not strong enough and hence poor connectivity.

While there are certain things that you can do to improve the range of your WiFi network such as router placement and avoiding interference, these can improve the range only to some extent. For further increase in the range of your wireless network, you need a device known as WiFi Extender.

As the name suggests, WiFi Extender is a device that extends the range of your WiFi Network. This is a very useful device that has seen a huge increase in its usage in the past few years. WiFi Extenders can be very efficient and can double the range and coverage of your pre-existing WiFi network. In this way, the signals can reach the far corners of your home and office, resolving this issue of WiFi coverage.

How do WiFi Extenders work?

As mentioned, WiFi Extenders increase the range of your WiFi network and it does so by receiving the already existing WiFi signal of your current network, amplifying its range, and re-transmitting the signals as a new network.

WiFi Extenders are plugged into electricals outlets and they have two antennas using which they receive the pre-existing signal of your WiFi network, amplify it, and then re-broadcast it. WiFi Extenders are very useful, especially when there is a coverage issue or there are dead zones, places where ordinarily signals don’t reach, in these situations WiFi Extenders are very useful.

WiFi Extenders should not be confused with WiFi Boosters. Yes, both the devices perform the same function i.e increase the range and coverage of WiFi networks but the way they do so is different. WiFi Boosters are devices that directly plug into the Ethernet port of your wireless router via an Ethernet cable and then broadcasts the signals through a much powerful antenna that improves the range of your WiFi network.

While the way by which WiFi Extenders work is by receiving your WiFi signals and then re-broadcasting them. WiFi Extenders are much more convenient than WiFi Boosters due to the fact that there are no cables or any other thing involved. Your pre-existing WiFi signals are captured wirelessly by Extenders and then they re-broadcast them.