How to Perform an Internet Speed Test?

Internet Speed Test is a qualitative test of your internet connection that checks the quality and performance of your internet connection, how good your internet connection is performing. The most important use of an Internet Speed Test is to check the internet speeds of your internet connection, i.e Download Speed, and Upload Speed. Along with these, you can also find about the ping of your internet connection, which is useful for e-sports.

Another very important use of an Internet Speed Test is to find out if your internet connection is being throttled or not. Throttled means that your internet connection is intentionally being slowed down and it is down by some ISP to slow down the internet of some users if they are using too much bandwidth. Through an Internet Speed Test, you can compare the results to what you are paying for and then find out if the internet is being throttled or not.

Performing an Internet Speed Test is easy and once you perform a speed test of your internet connection, the detailed statistics of your internet connection will be clear to you. To perform a speed test, all you need is to visit the speed test website and start the test. The website will choose the nearest server available and the test will start. The test usually takes less than a minute and after the test is completed, the results will be displayed.

When performing an Internet Speed Test, make sure that there is no service running on the network that uses a high amount of bandwidth such as downloading or video/music streaming to get as accurate results as possible.

Top 5 Internet Speed Test Websites

There are many Internet Speed Test websites but not all of them are reliable and provide accurate results. So, here are the 5 five best Internet Speed Test websites that you can trust, and using these websites, you can perform an Internet Speed Test of your Internet Connection and find out about the details of your internet connection.

1. is generally considered as one of the most reliable websites through which you can perform an Internet Speed Test. Performing a speed test on is easy, the website automatically chooses the best server to perform a speed test. Not only the results show the download and upload speed of your internet connection but also show your IP address, ISP, and Ping. The reason why is so much trusted by users is that it provides almost accurate results. The results that you will get will almost be identical to the speeds of your internet connection.

2. is powered by Netflix and this website is meant to check your internet connection speeds for Netflix. Some ISPs throttle the internet connection of users for services such as Netflix because these services require more bandwidth. Through a speed test, you can find the detailed stats of your internet connection for Netflix.

3. is the oldest speed test website available and it has features that distinguish it from the rest of the other websites. It can not only perform a combined speed test of your internet connection, but can also perform separate speed tests of your Download Speed, Upload Speed, and Latency. The results are not only accurate but also provide much more detailed information that you won’t find anywhere else. The detailed statistics and information regarding your internet connection and a complete speed test of your internet connection are what make one of the best platforms to perform a speed test.

4. is a website that you can trust when performing an Internet Speed Test. The website uses the Speedtest tool by Oookla which gives accurate results almost 100% of the time. The results of the Speed Test not only tell you about the Download and Upload Speed, but also about the Ping, Jitter, IP address, and your ISP. The results are very much accurate and you can count on the results to make an assumption regarding the performance of your internet connection.

5. AT&T Speed Test

AT&T Speed Test is a platform from AT&T from where you can check the speed, quality, and performance of your internet connection. The results of the website can be inaccurate sometimes so that’s why users don’t really prefer it. Most of the time the results are fine and accurate and through these results, you can find out about the stats and performance of your internet connection but sometimes the results can be misleading on AT&T Speed Test.