How to Improve Range of Cell Phone Signal?

Some people may spend some money and change their location in order to get good phone signals but that isn’t necessary all the time. Sometimes, you just need to apply a couple of fixes instead of spending money and then you will see your phone signals improve and the call & internet quality also improve to provide a much better experience.

This is based on some simple yet useful fixes that you can apply to improve the range of cell phone signals. Here are those fixes that can help you improve the range of cell phone signals:

1. Check your cell phone for any damage:

One of the most probable causes for the signal drop or poor signals is that your phone is damaged. Sometimes, the damage may not be visible but it may be internal damage to the antenna that affects the quality of cell phone signals. When the antenna bands are damaged then you may be having poor signals. Check for any damage on the or corners of the phone.

If you suspect that your phone is, in fact, damaged then you can have it diagnosed by your company for free if the phone is under warranty, if not then you will have to spend some money to fix this.

2. Make sure that the Phone’s Operating System is up to date:

While many people prefer to update to the latest OS version as soon as it is available, some don’t. They just stick with their current version and this can cause problems for them. Because new updates come with all the bugs fixed and optimizations made for calls and data. So, if your phone is not on the latest version of OS then update to the latest version as early as possible.

3. Disable LTE when Signals are Weak:

If you are having slow internet speeds then it may be that signals are weak or the LTE network is too crowded at the moment. When you see that there are only 1 or 2 signal bars then you should prefer switching over to 3G and disabling LTE for the time being to have better connectivity.

Also, when the 4G LTE network is too much crowded then it is a better option to switch to 3G, which technically is slower than 4G but at that moment is a better option.

4. Turning off other networking services:

When you are not using other networking services such as WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc then it is better that you turn off these services because these can also interfere with the cellular network and you may be having trouble with the connectivity and signals so, it is better to turn these off when not using these.

5. Turn the airplane mode on and off:

You should also try this; turn the airplane mode on and off. This forces your phone to reconnect to the cellular network, and if there were any problems with your phone connecting to the network, then it would be fixed after you turn the airplane mode on and off.

6. Reset Network Settings:

The last option that you have available if there is nothing wrong with your device and the location is to reset the network settings.

Sometimes, the problem behind weak cell phone signals is that the settings are incorrect or someone messed with the settings, due to which you are having problems with the signals, therefore, resetting the network settings may help you in this regard.