How To Create A Strong Password?

The security of all of your social media accounts, bank account(s), email accounts, and everything else digitally depends on how strong is your password and how you safeguard your password.

It is no doubt that a strong and secure password can keep your data locked down and secure from the rest of the world but the question is how to create a strong password that cannot be guessed by anyone so, your privacy isn’t compromised.

People have difficulties setting a password because they are not sure what to set as a password. Should it be numerics only or alphabets only or symbols and characters? Well, the answer to all of this is mentioned below.

What does a strong password consist of?

Well, there are different things that contribute to a password being strong but most importantly what matters is the length of the password; how long is your password, the longer, the better, the combination of different letters; using a combination of upper case and lower case alphabets along with numbers, and special symbol can make your password strong.

Also, remember one thing that when setting up a password make sure that it is not personally related to you. This is a mistake that is most commonly made by people, they set their password to such a thing that is personally related to them, and others can easily guess it if they know you.

What differs a strong password from a weak one?

There are a lot of factors which differentiate a strong password and a weak password, including:

Use of Common Words: A weak password is always consisting of common words and the most commonly used password all over the world is “Password” or “Password123”. How hard can it be anyone to guess this password? Not only is it pathetically weak but it can easily be guessed by anyone and not only humans but programs too.

Easy to guess: A weak password is easy to identify and anyone knowing you can easily guess your password. This is a mistake that people make, they set their password a combination of such things which can be easily guessed such as their name + year of birth i.e “jonathan1999”. Such passwords can easily be guessed by anyone.

Short Length: Another thing of weak passwords is that they are short and can easily be cracked, not by humans but by softwares that are built to crack passwords. Let’s say you are using a combination of both upper-case and lower-case letters along with numbers but the length of the password is 8-digits. So, such a password can easily be deciphered because it is short and it would take a password cracking software less time to crack your password.

Keep one thing in mind that never use the same password for different accounts and services because if the hacker somehow gets access to the password of one of your accounts then you will also lose access to your other accounts too. So, never use the same password for different accounts and services and never ever share your password with anyone, and even if it is urgent, change the password as soon as possible after sharing.

If you are having trouble with remembering all the passwords then perhaps you can try out a password manager. Password Manager keeps all of your different safe and secure in one account which can be accessed using a master password. So, instead of remembering all the different passwords, just remember the master password of Password Manager and from there you can get all of your passwords.

Using a Password Manager always help because of different reasons:

  • The first being that a password manager can store all of your different passwords in one place.
  • The second being that it can help you create strong passwords containing different characters, numbers, and symbols and also keep those passwords in one place.
  • The third being that it keeps all of those passwords safe and secure with strong encryption.

However, there is one downside and that is that you will still have to memorize a master password using which you can access your Password Manager account. Perhaps writing the master password down and keeping it safe with yourself might help.