5 Best Wireless Router Brands of 2020

Good Internet Access is what most people are looking for and while it is much easier to get good internet nowadays as compared to a few years ago, but still there are many factors involved, with one of the most important ones being the Internet Router.

Internet Router can be one of the most defining things of your internet connection since it regulates almost everything. No matter how much bandwidth your internet connection has if your router is old and sucks then you will have a poor internet connection. Therefore, it is important to have a good internet router because not only the router can define the performance of your internet connection but in cases such as online gaming where the slightest of a difference can make a huge impact, a good router makes the difference.

When buying an internet router, always make sure that the company that you’re choosing is good enough and manufactures products which can provide the internet performance for which you are paying for. So, here is the list of 5 Best Internet Router Companies of 2020.


Starting off with the number which undoubtedly is NETGEAR. If you are not familiar with NETGEAR then it a US-based company that is known for manufacturing networking hardware for consumers, businesses, and service providers.

NETGEAR has a wide variety of products to offer, for home, business, and gaming. NETGEAR focuses on reliability, performance, and ease-of-use with its products.

With NETGEAR internet routers, you can go wrong since all of its products are meant to provide you with ultimate performance, and with the dedicated Nighthawk mobile app, managing router settings becomes much more easy and convenient.


ASUS is another company that is famous for producing top-class networking products. The company is based in Taiwan and has branches all over the world.

ASUS has a wide variety of routers to offers, for small homes to big offices. Different routers are available each meant to cater to the needs of different users and each having its own unique features, with the most notable one being the gaming routers that provide the utmost performance.

ASUS also has a dedicated ASUS Router App for mobile phones which makes it easier and intuitive to manage your internet router. From setting the router to managing advanced settings, all of these can be done easily from your smartphone.

3. TP-Link

TP-Link is a Chinese based computer networking products manufacturer that is known worldwide for producing top-class routers. TP-Link is one of the best router manufacturers in the world because its products not only provide a high-level of performance but are also reliable and can cater to all of your internet needs.

Whether it is internet bandwidth, dual-band support, or providing low ping, you can count on TP-Link to satisfy your internet needs.

Just like its competitors, TP-Link also has a dedicated mobile app, TP-Link Tether which is available for both Android and iOS. It provides an easy way to access and manage your router and its settings.

4. D-Link

D-Link is another Taiwanese company that is known for producing networking equipment, particularly internet routers. The products of D-Link are known worldwide due to many reasons such as the performance, speed, and reliability of the products.

D-Link has a wide variety of router products to offer but whichever you choose, you can go wrong because all of the routers provide performance and speed with reliability.

D-Link WiFi app gives you the ability to easily set up and manage your D-Link internet routers effortlessly just from your smartphone.

5. Linksys (Cisco)

Linksys is an American brand known for producing top-quality networking products for both home and business users. Linksys produces quality products that are provided with all the features that the users would need.

Additionally, there are also more advanced features included with the routers too. The routers provide top-quality performance and you won’t be seeing any issue with the quality and performance of your internet connection when using Linksys products.

For remote access of your internet router, you can use the Linksys app which lets your manage and configure your home WiFi from anywhere making it all much more convenient.

All of the aforementioned brands are currently the top ones in the industry. Every brand’s products have their own pros and cons but no matter which brand you choose out of these, you won’t be having any problems as the products of the aforementioned companies are stuffed with features that are enough to fulfill your needs.